Queen Street Artists' Group (QSAG)

Since December 2020, our group of Niagara artists had come together to support one another and building community, by hosting a number of art events in the Queen Street Community of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

As our membership grew, we expanded our activities to include other art communities in Niagara, thus providing easier access to our art network for our patrons and artists.

We had the opportunity to work together on the following objectives through affordable membership:
• Provide a Virtual Gallery to showcase and sell artworks by more than 40 local artists and artisans in the Niagara Region.
• Promote the arts by hosting in-person art shows, plein air events, and community workshops in the Queen Street neighbourhood.
• Create a safe workspace for artists to meet on-line or in-person to exchange ideas, network, and a chance to be part of a local artist database.

After two years of engaging the public and our art community, we are happy to know that many of our members have now pursued other opportunities to enrich their creative journeys. Therefore, we feel it is now the right time to announce the end of our wonderful journey as an art group, but continue to stay connected as individual artists, while continue sharing our love for the arts in the community.

Thank you all for supporting our Queen Street Art Community and we look forward to seeing you in various Niagara community art events in 2023!

Best Regards and signing off...
QSAG Admin