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"The installation of this mural could not have come at a more appropriate time. As Canadians grapple with the truth of their nation's past. We can look to our Indigenous artists as leaders to help us move forward with truth and reconciliation. Throughout this project, Third Space Café and The HUB Art Gallery have shown a commitment to honouring the Two-Row collaborative approach by working with Indigenous organizations and Indigenous artists. They are actively taking part in moving the 94 calls to actions set by The Truth and Reconciliation Commission forward by educating a wider audience of the larger narrative of the Indigenous story." -Michele-Elise Burnett, Kakekalanicks Pres.

We had called on all Indigenous artists from the Greater Niagara Region to submit mural designs to convey Two Row Wampum teachings that promotes all nations walking together, in parallel, with respect, compassion, and understanding. The successful artist received an honorarium of $2,500 (Twenty-five hundred dollars), funded by a Niagara Falls Cultural Development Fund (NFCDF) grant, and completed an 8' x 12' mural painting of the selected submission. This highly visible installation will be placed on the front façade of the Third Space Café in the Downtown Niagara Falls BIA District. Its Welcoming ceremony on June 18th, 2021 @ 1pm will coincide with the celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day in June 2021.