Archives - Community Art Workshops - On-Line Pastel Class with Marvyn Rivett

Despite of our lockdown this winter, nine local Niagara artists came together to participate in a wonderful zoom Pastel Workshop taught by one of our QSAG artists, Marvyn Rivett.

After four weeks of learning the basics of drawing and painting in pastel with Marvyn, we decided to give our class another opportunity to paint together through a QSAG Art Challenge titled 'Found in My Kitchen'.

Each artist from the workshop then received a mystery pastel package from Marvyn, and was invited to paint a fruit, vegetable, or a still life of objects found in each of our cozy kitchens.

Thank you artists for your time so we may learn and create together! Hopefully, we can also inspire others in our art community to do the same!

"We need to redefine community and find a variety of ways of coming together and helping each other." -- Sharon Salzberg