Archives - 'Nature Inspired Community' Virtual Event

Spring is here and you are invited to our virtual QSAG inaugural art event, hosted by The HUB Art Gallery on 4333 Queen Street starting May 14th, 2021.

In our 'Nature Inspired Community' spring event, we will present a visual montage of works by our artist inspired by nature, along with stories from their creative journeys. Through the sharing of the arts, we strive to become an art community that supports one another.

Visitors and participants of past art challenges will also be invited to see their own submissions displayed along with those of their peers. It will be a great way to share stories with one another and for the local art community to come together with a common purpose. That is the ties that will always be there, as long as we continue to do the things we love...together!

As one of our QSAG objectives, 20% of the proceeds from art sales during this event will go to support our community outreach programs on Queen Street.

Looking forward to seeing you on-line or at The HUB Art Gallery on Queen Street, Niagara Falls when we re-open!