Art Submissions

Welcome to our Art Submissions Page!

(If you are looking to submit artwork to our art challenges, please proceed to our 'Events' page for further details.)

Here are the steps to submit work to our Virtual Gallery:

1) Become a QSAG Member:

2) Email us at and let us know which group you are submitting work to. We will send you a customized pdf and excel form(s) to complete, based on your selected group(s).
Collection Group 1: Paintings and Drawings
Collection Group 2: Printmaking
Collection Group 3: Mixed Media Arts
Collection Group 4: Decorative Arts
Collection Group 5: Photography

3) Send us your completed Submission forms and Artwork photographs:
- Photographs of your artwork should be renamed to match the entries on your form.
Example: The 5th artwork title listed on Joe Smith's form is named as JS_0005 and the photo file name is also JS_0005

3) Send us your signed Artist Agreement for QSAG Virtual Gallery. Click below.

4) Send us your Artist Profile, Artist Photo, Commissions Artwork examples and criteria (if applicable) to be added to the QSAG Artists and Commissions pages.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!