03 Everday Life

Acrylic painting on canvas.

"Sub Umbra Floreo" (means "Under the Shade, I Flourish" in Latin and is Belize's national motto).This piece draws memories from three distinct times in my life: When I was a child literally hanging out in a hammock with my best friend all lazy summer long (or so it seemed); When I found myself in the blissful Belezian sun, sipping their beer and feeling the salty breeze from a beach hammock; Beside a fruit orchard in Vineland Station - I made sure we had a backyard hammock. I watched our children play in it or I rested quietly reading on my own or just cuddling my young son. I really wanted this hammock to call out to the viewer. The complexity of the netting was interesting to me. I chose a birdseye view because I wanted the viewer to want that hammock as much as the memories I hold so dear. I wanted the greens to be deliciously inviting. The tree is barely large enough to hold the one end of it...but it was just old enough to do so. It is a young Maple.

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Price: $445.00 CAD