03 Everday Life

The Bees (Acrylic on canvas, 10 x 10 inches)

Artist's Notes:

This Ode to Springtime features a scene from below the honeysuckle and casual wildflowers to highlight the bees. It guides you towards the perspective of an ant pausing to glance up. This painting was inspired by an article I read on the many types of bees on our lovey planet and featured a study determining which bees are genuinely at risk of extinction. It included a breakdown of which ones are the honey makers and, of course, predictions of a future without these unique pollinators. Bee farmers realize that losses are quickly recouped by creating new queens and turning swarms, something nature has always done willingly before without intervention. While it is very chivalrous to become a beekeeper, it is more than a bit naïve. Honey Bees are not the bees most at risk of extinction. According to the featured study, most types of bees that are endangered aren't worth raiding for honey. While painting this acrylic piece, I considered how media coverage influences and normalizes certain beliefs and how vastly that information can differ from empirical analysis. I wanted to portray the bees as having pollen stuck to their bodies and legs and floating about them and in the background. I applied layers of acrylic paint to tacky layers with a foam roller to achieve that effect.

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Price: $75.00 CAD