04 Landscape

A Comfort Maple, painted as a wonderful challenge with our Queen Street Niagara Group (QSAG), representing a grand tree in its autumn splendor of life, and fall foliage here (14x14); now about 500 years old, considered to be one of Canada's oldest sugar maples. We've enjoyed walking nearby and bringing outside guests to visit this majestic tree in its stately spot where once was a farm. Its branches have at least once been struck by lighting, helped with repairs of wire and cement holding its ancient branches. Brings to mind how strong and resilient we all are, and how we need each other for care and compassion. To learn more, visit npca.ca/parks/comfort-maple

To purchase, please click on our email (queenstreetartistsgroup@gmail.com) and send us the names of the artist and the artwork. Our QSAG manager will be in touch soon to process your request. Thank you for your inquiry.

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