07 Photography & Digital Art

Photograph on Stretched Canvas.

As artisans since 1998 photographing small town Ontario, it was difficult to visit every small town. However, in the case of the Lake Erie ports they were important because they held so many memories for so many folks. We really felt it was our responsibility to capture their present uniqueness, perhaps triggering some fond memory. It is the summer of 2016 the last small port on Lake Erie we photographed was Port Bruce. For myself seeing these lovely geese lined up in a row gazing out into the water reminded me of the many parades I marched in with the Police Boys Band in London as a young teenager. As a trombone player we were usually in the front row. Somehow seeing all the Queen Anne's Lace too reminded me of my wife Birgie's pressed flower passion and how we so often collected that weed for making her beautiful greeting cards. Port Bruce is not far from a lovely little town called Sparta.

Each photograph is signed by the photographer.

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Price: $150.00 CAD