Events - Painters' Circle Challenge #4 - Wildlife Conservation

Painters' Circle Challenge #4 – You are invited to create a work of art on the theme of "Wildlife Conservation". Your creation may involve painting, drawing, mixed media, print making etc. Here are some facts to get you started:

The Niagara region is home to more than 300 bird species, and 50 different mammals. The area around Niagara has one of the largest and most varied populations of amphibians and reptiles including a few species of snakes. Black bears and mountain lions were once common in this region, but have been eradicated in recent decades. There used to be poisonous timber rattlesnakes, but they are believed to be extinct in this area as the last one was seen in 1959.
Loss of habitat and pesticides continue to threaten some of our wildlife. Here are some links for more reading:

To submit your artwork and have it featured on our website, send the following information to
1) Artist's name
2) A clear photo of the artwork
3) The medium or media used to complete the artwork
4) The size of the artwork
5) Title of the artwork
All submissions should either be original work by the artist, or work derived from permission given for the use of a tutorial or a photograph for learning purposes.