Our Artists - Barbara Anderson

Barbara has enjoyed creating with her hands since childhood and has fortunately been able to make use of this passion in every job that she has ever had.

Since retiring from teaching in 2015, she has had more time available for artistic pursuits. Currently wool painting is her creative outlet. In wool painting or needle felting, as some call it, coloured, unspun wool is used and poked into felt using a barbed needle. It is believed to have originated in Ireland many years ago by sheep farmers who used lamb's wool in their boots to stay warm and dry.

Barbara does enjoy sketching, and acrylic painting as well, and plans to return to water colour painting and pastels at some point in the future. She finds that each art medium helps to improve others and develops skills in awareness of detail, form and colour.

Since retiring and moving to Niagara from the Kawartha Lakes nearly four years ago, Barb has joined the St Catharines and District Newcomers group and has been able to display her work at their fall Market Gallery for the last few years. Her wool paintings have been displayed at both the Beamsville and Vineland Public libraries and she expects to do this again when conditions prove safe to do so. She has also participated in the Port Dalhousie Artists Walk and Studio Tour since moving to Niagara.

Niagara has so many lovely scenic water fronts, trails to walk, as well as places to drive to and tour around. This provides many opportunities for landscape and floral photo taking which inspires Barbara's art. She and her family feel very fortunate to have settled in Niagara where there is so much inspiration.

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Available works in Barbara Anderson's QSAG Collection are shown below. You may also contact Barbara by email at br.anderson1@cogeco.ca and view other works through her personal webpages.