Our Artists - Birgie Ludlow

As a working artist since 1966, mostly as a commercial artist in the workplace. I found my solace in creating original artwork which now dress up the walls of many homes all over the world. Each piece has its own story to tell.

Creating gave me comfort and a feeling of self fulfillment. Often times life can be very cruel, and roads travelled, hard to handle. To find something to lighten your way is truly a blessing.

My "Trip" is ongoing, it is absolutely never-ending art. Whenever the mood arises, I create, never the same mood. It can be sadness, ecstasy, pain, fear, rage, grief, humour, love, whatever that triggers the urge to express myself. Perhaps this it eh best way to express my feelings? It is for this reason there is such a variety of styles in my artwerkz.

Hopefully, I inspire others, no matter what age to at least test their create juices? Having achieved so many goals of late, I thank my partner in life and work Al Ludlow for helping me to accomplish them as well as my children Jason and Janine Stoll or anyone else who has shared my life journey. It has not been easy.

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter how good you are, it's how you got there that counts. To have a little piece of my art original or otherwise, shared with the world truly fills my heart with pride and I am so grateful.

Since the middle of June 2019, the dream of renting a Niagara region gift shop has become a reality. Birgie and friends Gallery Gift Shop Studio is a space to share more than fifty years' worth of my original art as well as others, our Albirg creations especially our Reflections of 185 Ontario places.

It is my hope that we will continue to inspire other artists and photographers, helping with their own creative journey.

Artist Bio:
Birgie (Platz, Stoll, Ludlow) Visual Artist
Birgie was born in Flensburg Germany and immigrated to Elmvale, ON, Canada in 1952. By Grade 12, Birgie had wanted to be a commercial artist and later in 1965 enrolled in Art Instruction Schools, a correspondence course out of Minneapolis. In 1966, she got her first job as a junior artist for EL Ruddy Co. company in Hamilton, there she learned hand lettering. Birgie also went on owning a copper enamel jewelry business, Birgie Originals. That's where the Birgie came from, the name stuck.

In 1967, Birgie became a junior artist for an Offset company learning layout, pasteup, typography, offset camera, etc. During that time, she also took night school courses in cloisonne at Mohawk College, a commercial art course at night school. By 1968, she managed to get her general art certificate from Art Instruction Schools.

After moving to Toronto in 1969, Birgie acquired a job at Benjamin Film Labs, where she dealt with many top photographers and commercial companies in Toronto. She continued her to pursue her various interests such as fashion and greeting card design, while she continued her commercial artist apprenticeship in a position of junior artist for Oshawa Wholesale. For 11 years, Birgie had a very fulfilling career as a layout and finished art person for Food city and IGA advertising and marketing. As her family grew, she later also worked at Inland Publishing (now Metroland) in 1980 until 1991.
Birgie's painting and drawing was always her retreat and therapy ever since 1966.

Early 1991, Birgie invested in a computer and learned what a PC was capable of with her children. Then in 1992, she began creating pressed flower art, with dreams to have her designs as cards, coasters, and trivets in Niagara Falls. Today, together with her Husband Al, they have fulfilled that dream as Albirg Creations and Birgie continues to paint, draw, and create, printing her own cards & prints. Birgie's artwork is also custom made into cushions, coasters, trivets, wall hangings, brooches all of which they sell via crafty shows.
"Together we will make it and that we do for not just ourselves but others as well. It is definitely a fulfilling, inspiring life. As well I love creating Digital Art, a new passion.

In the Final analysis for myself I am grateful for all the art groups I have joined, the art friends I have made and the time I have spent volunteering in the hope of some small way helping. So many mini workshops at meetings helped to teach me a little bit more technique to hopefully make me a better artist. In the end, we are all still learning." -- Birgie Ludlow.

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