Our Artists - Brian Crolly

I most always construct my paintings with spontaneity and imagination, along with the utter courage of my convictions; as I imagine my two greatest influencers did, Claude Monet and Lawren Harris. Brush and palette knife and acrylics on board, I apply my confirmed unreformed libertine style to express an opinion of my particular subject. I explore color and shape and composition to reframe my themes in a new, politely evocative universe. -- Brian Crolly

Below lists various QSAG activities that Brian participated in:
BIA Art in the Park 1: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/bia-art-in-the-park-1-indoor-edition-due-to-rain/gallery/aip1-10
Featured Artist: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/weekly-featured-artists/gallery/fs-10a
BIA Art in the Park 2: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/bia-art-in-the-park-2/gallery/aip2-02
QSAG Fall Art Show - Night of Art Edition: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/qsag-fall-art-show-night-of-art-edition/gallery/fas-bc01

Available works in Brian Crolly's QSAG Collection are shown below.