Our Artists - Daniel Alsop and Alexander Seib

Alexander Seib about:

Born in St. Catherines, Ontario, Alexander grew up with Thomas and Friends and the Raccoons, and it inspired him to have them co-exist together. Although, as a Storyteller, Alexander has been influenced by Kevin Gillis, creator of the Raccoons and Stuart McLean creator of the CBC Radio show The Vinyl Café. Alexander's primary goal is to break down the barrier that Thomas and Friends aren't just for kids but also for adults.

Daniel Alsop about:

Born in Sheffield, England, Daniel is a massive fan of Thomas and Friends, much like Alexander. He started his YouTube career when he was 15 years old. In 2008 Daniel began creating Thomas and Friends (Alsop Productions); for about six years, he worked on his own till he met Alexander Seib in 2013. The following year, Daniel established an entire cast for Alsop Productions, and it has been a trademark to Alsop Productions ever since.

Alsop Productions About Us:

At Alsop Productions, we try to preserve how David Mitton and company used to do it back in the late 80s and early 90s while also preserving and creating different interpretations of Thomas stories for young and old fans of Thomas the Tank Engine.