Our Artists - Deanna Bell

'My name is Deanna Bell, I have always been a maker. At the age of 6, I started out in textiles, crochet and knitting, then spinning my own yarns. The control and patience needed to make a strong and even yarn has served me well while making glass for the last 9 years.
Now, I play with fire! I love the wonderful, endlessly challenging, exquisitely mesmerizing, process of melting glass. Nothing has been as fascinating as glass. Watching the glass melt in the flame controlling the uncontrollable this medium will amuse me for the rest of my days. Each piece is hand sculpted by me in my studio nestled near the mist of the mighty Niagara Falls.' -- Deanna Bell

Deanna recently participated in QSAG 'Night of Art' event:

Available works in Deanna Bell's QSAG Collection are shown below. Feel free to send your wish list to Deanna Bell by Facebook or Instagram. When pieces become available, you will the first to be shown her new creations!