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Originally, from Manitoba and while in school, we had art classes and enjoyed the contests we had. I then moved to Toronto and started raising a family. Now being retired as a Dental Nurse/Treatment Coordinator since 2011, there is more time to paint.

I did not start back to painting until 2001, due to my sister suggesting that she and I start taking courses in Toronto. The reasoning was so that we would be sure to see each other once a week. We started off with watercolour courses and worked our way to acrylic. I was blessed to be able to paint with her for three years before she passed away. Each of my paintings has a butterfly on the canvas, in memory of her.

I have since studied in Haliburton, OCAD and Nielsen Park. Learning so much from my many instructors at these facilities.

Now living in Virgil, with the countryside full of vineyards, you can't help being inspired to paint.

Dorothy (Moors) Wilson

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Available works in Dorothy Wilson's QSAG Collection are shown below.

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