Our Artists - Erin Visentin

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, ERIN VISENTIN has grown up painting, alongside her mother who is an artist.

" I've always experimented with different genres of art, working with watercolour and now acrylic. In my 20's, I lived in Toronto and attended school to learn sound production. I also worked in the music business but was always fascinated with music and art as a culture used a in political statement.

I care a lot about the environment, if I could ask one thing it would be to do your part in little ways to protect our planet. My little girl and I like to do clean-ups in parks and streets. Littering is a problem. Consumerism is something that ties into the problem. Cups, packaging, etc.

To me, art is a way of communicating and documenting the state of our times and the emotions that come from the effects the world has on humanity."

Erin has been an active member in the community, with the Niagara Music Awards, and The Viz show at 4680Q. She also has podcast called the Viz Show.

"I've met a lot of amazing artists and musicians in my journey, I've taken risks in life and that's excites me the most." Travelling to amazing cities like New York and L.A., to Austin.

Inspiration comes from nature, people, and culture. I've had my art displayed in Kensington Market in Toronto and at a local coffee shop called Third Space Cafe. The inspiration to paint always comes at certain times in my life where I feel moved, and the best expression comes in this form of art. I've evolved to abstract art which I find I'm having the most fun with. As I evolve, my art moves with me."

This Art gives the freedom to interpret it in anyway the viewer wishes and I love sharing that space with people." – Erin Visentin