Our Artists - Lorenda Harder

Lorenda Harder graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelor of Fine Arts and majors in Art and Art History with her Bachelor of Education. She soon married and moved to Niagara to enter into public and private education.

Early Art Awards recognized her talent and expressive impressionism that encouraged her to venture out on her own as an artist and private art tutor. Over the next two+ decades, she painted murals in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Niagara Falls and taught dozens of children the joy of creating art while raising and home educating her three children through high school.

Since 2015, Lorenda continues to emerge as the visual artist and poet she always dreamed of - having the passion and opportunity to create and sell her originals and limited edition art-poetry books. Some specific accomplishments include private solo art exhibits: "Expressions" featured celebrates the arts; "Ocean Encounters" highlights personal aquatic visits; "The Life of Trees" expresses many personal connections with nature. She has also enjoyed exhibiting work and being involved in various group shows and community festivals.

Artist's Statement:
Brief visual encounters with nature soothe and heal me - they push me to grab my brush to interpret my life in emotional lines and unexpected colour contrasts as I respond to the environment. The messages that manage to grow through the honest weedy flux of my life are all I have to offer back to the world. I seek to express a spiritual essence in my pieces from nature similar to that of artist Georgia O'Keefe: That my work possesses such an 'inner energy . . . that it cannot be ignored.'

I live with my husband in St. Catharines and when I am not in my studio, I'm usually gathering reference photos from all over the Niagara Region for future ideas. You might also find me with my watercolours in my kayak or in my front yard throwing acrylic paint on canvasses that are too large for my studio.

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