Our Artists - Mandy Tam-Luk

Mandy Tam-Luk is a painter who enjoys capturing tender moments of life and sharing them as stories of the human spirit. Through her commissioned work, Mandy learned to appreciate spirituality and artistic expression together can bring joy and healing to others. As a self-taught artist, she loves to paint with all types of media but especially acrylic and oil pastel. She is currently a member of the Queen Street Artists' Group, The HUB Art Gallery, and the Niagara Artists Centre. Mandy is inspired to create while collaborating with other artists to celebrate community through the sharing of the arts.

"My painted stories are about capturing tender moments in life, where ideology reconciles with reality, and when joy is finally realized. In my earliest works, I explored the many ways that a woman experiences life and how they shape her identity and self worth. Then my work evolved to depict intricate aspects of relationships and intimacy, forming the fabric of our daily lives. Followed by my latest works to celebrate what is good in our world, along the themes of conservation and restoration. Empowering true stories of the human spirit, have also moved me to write personal reflective text to augment many of my works." -- Mandy Tam-Luk