Our Artists - Rhiannon Barry

Rhiannon is a self-taught visual artist and creative activity developer born on August 10th, 1982 in St. Catharines Ontario. She spent a large majority of her childhood and teen years on the North Shore of Lake Superior living on an island across from a Hamlet.

Now living in Niagara Falls, Ontario, she creates whimsical acrylic paintings and favours dream-like nature and water scenes, drawing from the Northern scenery of her youth. Rhiannon also enjoys creating abstract portraits paintings, uniquely capturing meaningful messages and complex emotions.

Finding solace and comfort through the act of creating art during many of life's challenges, Rhiannon engages in creation as a form of self-care.

Most recently, Rhiannon was chosen to show in the City of St. Catharines annual juried art exhibit. This year's theme was truth and reconciliation. In solidarity with indigenous cultures, she created a piece featuring hope for the future. She has also had pieces in exhibits in Hamilton and Niagara Falls.

She has enjoyed studying Journalism and Photography as well as Social Service Worker. She is currently pursuing certification as an art therapist and a BA in Psychology Counseling. She has been working and volunteering in the social services industry in Niagara for 11 years.

With a focus on providing calming and mindful experiences, she shares on-line painting and creating tutorials and in-person classes with intentional therapeutic programming built in.

More, she created Creative Conversations Pen Pals, a project aimed to reduce the adverse effects of isolation and loneliness during COVID-19 through creative sharing sessions and art making.

Below lists various QSAG activities that Rhiannon participated in:
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Christmas Art Sale: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/christmas-art-sale/gallery/23

Available works in Rhiannon Barry's QSAG Collection are shown below. You may also view other works through her personal webpages.