Our Artists - Sandra Dam

I am an artist from Niagara, currently residing in Vineland. I love to capture the beauty of Canada. The landscape, the plant life, and the wildlife. I love challenges and capturing new subjects, elements, angles, and lighting.

Art is who I am.

Art takes on many forms in my life. My love of music, being a singer/songwriter is how I process my hurts, express my emotions, and help people feel. My love of plants and caring for them is how I tangibly grow the hope in my life and propagate my inspiration. My love of art is how I recreate the beauty in the world with a touch of my musical emotion and a dose of my growing hope.

I love experimenting with mediums and learning new skills and techniques. This past year I have learned so much about the world of presenting art in a professional capacity. Sharing my art is a dream that I am slowly bringing to a reality and I hope it touches people's hearts.

Art has helped me come to terms with the difficult aspects of life, it has helped me fall in love with the world around me and it has helped me come into who I am.

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