Our Artists - Tracy Chen

Hello my name is Tracy Chen. My father is an artist and I used to watch him paint as a child, but I painted occasionally. Inspired by the artist whose name is Brian, I took my art more seriously in 2014 as I felt I had a real knack for painting .

I am by nature a fun-loving, bubbly. and gregarious person. I wanted my disposition to carry over into my art. I paint in acrylic or oil in a surreal and sometimes abstract style. Also, I do calligraphy.

Below lists various QSAG activities that Tracy participated in:
BIA Art in the Park 1: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/bia-art-in-the-park-1-indoor-edition-due-to-rain/gallery/aip1-10
Featured Artist: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/weekly-featured-artists/gallery/fs-26a
QSAG Fall Art Show - Night of Art Edition: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/qsag-fall-art-show-night-of-art-edition/gallery/fas-tc01

Available works in Tracy Chen's QSAG Collection are shown below.

03 Everday Life