Our Artists - Valerie Huibers

Valerie has been painting and studying art for many years. As a child of 10 years old she knew that is she wanted to be "an artist". Valerie developed her own style taking lessons from many talented art teachers. She started in oils then progressed to acrylic, which is her main medium. She loves the versatility of acrylics, how you can manipulate them into a thick paste or thin them to watercolours and how it moves around your canvas. She also studied watercolors, pastels, coloured pencils, charcoal, and palette knife techniques.

Valerie was an Interior Decorator for 30 years. Her love of colour and design lead her into a creative career which filled her creative need while making a living. Valerie belongs to Parkway Artist Guild in Niagara Falls in the beautiful Botanical gardens. Valerie exhibits her paintings in the shows that PAG has each year. She sells her work through Niagara Parks shops, Butterfly conservatory, Niagara Glen, Floral Showhouse, Laura Secord and McFarland House. Valerie belongs to an en plein air group and they meet in various places in the Niagara area. Valerie also has paintings at the TAG Art Gallery in St Catharines.

Valerie was born in Hamilton Ontario and now live in Niagara Falls. Valerie's love of nature shows in her beautiful paintings of surrounding Niagara area and Algonquin Park.


Below lists various QSAG activities that Valerie participated in:
'Nature Inspired Community' Virtual Event: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/nature-inspired-community-virtual-event/gallery/nic-50
QSAG Artists @ The BIA: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/qsag-the-bia/gallery/bia-06
Featured Artist @ The HUB Art Gallery: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/weekly-featured-artists/gallery/fs-04a-valerie-huibers
BIA Art in the Park 2: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/bia-art-in-the-park-2/gallery/aip2-03
Abstract Acrylic Workshop: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/community-art-workshops/abstract-acrylic-workshop-by-valerie-huibers
QSAG Fall Art Show - Night of Art Edition: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/qsag-fall-art-show-night-of-art-edition/gallery/fas-vh01
Christmas Art Sale: queenstreetartists.ca/archives/christmas-art-sale/gallery/12

Available works in Valerie Huibers' QSAG Collection are shown below.

01 Abstract Contemporary

02 Art Traditions & History