QSAG Artists - Barbara-Jean Lovell

Barbara-Jean completed the Art Fundamentals Program at Sheridan College before pursuing a diploma in Interior Design. After graduation, she settled in her hometown of Collingwood and operated a successful design business for almost 15 years.

Working on numerous residential and commercial projects, she aspired to one day return to her love of fine arts. Her husband's career path took her and her family to Nevada for almost two years and then British Columbia for seven. Currently settled in the beautiful Niagara area, she has focused on her profession as a full-time artist.

Working mainly in acrylic, her subject matter varies as she works towards her own specific style. Paintings are on a story of connection. Connection to the viewer, the subject and the artist. Moving freely from landscapes to animals, florals and a dabble in abstract express her love of colour and movement in brushstrokes.

Her works have been exhibited mostly in Ontario but can also be found in private collections across Canada, the US and England.

Mixed Media Arts