How to Photograph Your Art

Art Photography Tips from one of our QSAG Artists - Karen Kozarevich

1) Cameras and cell phones take different looking photos, so depending on how you intend to use the photo, you may be able to pick the best one by comparing photos taken on a camera to those taken on a cell phone to get the best representation.

2) However, if you are planning to make a good quality print of your photo, a camera may be best as a camera generally takes denser photos and some printing places such as Vistaprint will warn you if your picture is not good enough quality. I have had that warning with cell phone pictures and then have had excellent ratings on the quality of my photos taken with a camera.

3) Using a scan program on my cell phone has also given me quality photos that Vistaprint indicated were of very good quality for printing. I have used the app called PhotoScan.

4) Generally, the best natural lighting for photo shooting is outdoors on a dull grey day with no shadows, or indoors by a window with good even light and no shadows.

5) Taking pictures of artwork BEFORE glossing over it with a glossy medium has also given me better results, although you sacrifice getting the vividness of the colours a little pending the application of the gloss medium. If your art is too glossy you can try spraying it with matt spray to lessen the gloss although once again, it detracts from the vividness of the colours.

So in the end, it's been a journey to get the best results using different methods.