Tips about Posting Art on Instagram

Instagram Tips from one of our QSAG Artists - Karen Kozarevich

As promised, here is what I have learned about Instagram (IG) since it was recommended to me in November. I have used it on both my phone and my laptop, so these are my observations to date. I assume an IPAD may work the same way my laptop works with IG.

Once you get to understand more about what you can and cannot do with IG on a phone and on another device, it gets easier but it is frustrating to determine and remember which functions work on a phone and which work on
another device. IG is not very user friendly that way.

I was told that INSTAGRAM is a social media that more younger people use than Facebook, and that It is a good way to get your art out there for others to see and locate using search words. Friends of mine say their art sales
really took off once they posted on IG. I immediately noticed a lot of new people and groups liking my art and becoming followers, so you may assume the same will happen to you once you start using IG.

1) POSTING your Art Works:

You CAN only post a picture using your phone; NOT using your laptop. Use the + plus sign, followed by FEED POST to add a new post.

When you are posting your picture, if you see two arrows on the left bottom side of the photo, click on the arrows, as I have found that IG will then capture the complete image of your photo or only truncate it a little, depending on the size of your image. Until I started clicking on those arrows, IG was truncating a lot from my photos.


IG allows you to add hash tags on each of your posts and thus you can add hash tags for keywords that pertain to your piece of art, that you think others may use as search words. Hash tags each start with the # sign and have no
spaces between words.

So for instance, if you have a winter scene with toboggans and skiers, you may wish to use hash tags such as the following in your post so that anyone searching on any of the following key words will be taken to your post:
#winter #tobogganing #skiing #originalart #acrylicpainting #8x10 #niagaraartist #forsalebyartist

Since it's a pain to type all your hash tags individually on your phone, I have found it easier to use my laptop to copy and paste from one post to another. Make sure you edit your hash tags first before adding them into a new
comment under your posted picture.

You CANNOT edit the hash tags in your comment once you post them. You must delete the comment and start
over again with a new comment with your hash tags. See below for how to delete.


You CAN delete or edit an original post using your phone by first clicking on the three dots that brings you to the delete function.

You CANNOT delete or edit the original post using your laptop.

You CANNOT delete or edit a subsequent comment using your phone; you must use your laptop to DELETE the subsequent comment and then add a new comment if you so wish.

Hope this helps you all to use IG!