Why and How to Tag Someone on Instagram

Tag! You are it!

In social media, we have different ways to let someone know they have been mentioned in our post. In the case of showcasing and selling our artwork in Facebook or Instagram, a very useful way to reach out to or identify a specific group or person in your post is by means of tagging.

Across the different forms of social media, this tag takes the form of a clickable username that will let a person know they have referred to in a post or photo. Tagging friends, or interested customers, is a great way to personalize posts and connect with them. Therefore, it is generally better to tag to a smaller and specific audience who can pick up on your tag easier and hopefully tag you back.

Here are a few tips to tag in Facebook and Instagram so we can continue to spread the word of our growing QSAG community:

For Facebook:
1) After you have created your post, type the @ followed by the first few letters of the name of the person whom you are trying to tag
2) A dialogue box usually will pop up with a drop down menu showing a list of names hat may contain the name you are looking for. Once you select the correct name, the person or company will be tagged in your post by their full name in blue.

For Instagram while are creating a new post:
1) You can “tag people” by:
- Tapping someone on the photo, or
- Searching for the person’s username
2) Select the name when it appears in the dropdown menu
3) Tap “Done” if you have an iPhone or ✓ if you have an Android, and publish your post

The steps are similar if you want to tag people after posting:
1) Go to the post you want to add a tag to and click the three dots in the upper-right corner;
2) On the menu that appears, choose “edit”
3) Tap the black circle in the lower-left corner of your photo, next to the words “tag people”
4) Tap on photo where you’d like to place your tag
5) Start typing the individual’s username and select the username when it appears on the drop-down menu
6) Tap the "✓" (Android) or “Done” on iPhone to save

So hope this was helpful and happy taggiing!