Virtual Gallery - Paintings and Drawings - Bunny on Blue

Oil Painting on birch panel. Display easel included in price.

This ongoing series of miniature paintings is inspired by the cuteness of Instagram and the artist's own need for some light-hearted creating in response to the pandemic.

While we are surrounded by many serious concerns and the strain of living under pandemic conditions for over a year takes its toll, I still believe that there is a place for light-hearted whimsy and beauty. In many ways, it is even more necessary because of the tragedies around us.

Science has proven that looking at pictures of cute animals reduces our stress and releases feel-good hormones. This series certainly gives me much pleasure to paint, and it is my hope that the adorable critters will elicit the same response from you as they peek out of their frames to "check in" with you.

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Price: $40.00 CAD